Pages where Arabic is mentioned


The Arabic language and the script in which it is written have fascinated me for as long as I am aware of their existence. As a result, several of my website pages contain references to the Arabic language or example words in Arabic script.

Below you’ll find a list of those pages.

Note however that (except for a few isolated words) I do not know the Arabic language. So please do not send me e-mails in Arabic, because I won’t be able to understand them.

It may seem contradictory that one of the pages I hyperlink to in the table below, is written in Arabic. The explanation is simple: I didn’t write that one myself, but I paid a translator to translate it for me, based on the Dutch version of that same page.

Table of pages

Written in language Title and hyperlink
English RudHar
English Garça, gaibéu, Al-Jaziira, Algeria
English Halal and haram
English The lute, al-`ud; vihuela, viola
Dutch Naema? Naima? Naïma?
Dutch Zenith? Zenit!
Interlingua Zenith? Zenit!
English Allophones of /b/, /d/ and /g/
Dutch Assaad? Asad!
Dutch Betrapte steegjes
English Overzealous foreign pronunciation
Dutch Uitspraakoverijver
English Brega cannot be Arabic!
Dutch Brega kan geen Arabisch zijn!
English De ‘zachte’ g (different kinds of ch-sounds in Dutch)
Interlingua Le gurgitalitate del hebreo
English Transcription of the name Qaddhafi
Dutch Transcriptie van de naam Qaddhafi
Interlingua Septe digitos?
English S and sh
Interlingua T e th del hebreo
Dutch T en th van het Hebreeuws
Arabic الذهب: وزن وقيمة وحجم
Dutch Afbreken (2)
English Khadija – Hatice
Dutch Khadija – Hatice
Interlingua Tareia? Tarefa!
Interlingua Vocales arabe
Dutch Meisjes en jongens
English Links to Unicode code charts
Interlingua Bon nocte – Musica arabe
Interlingua Carminho
English Amsterdam is a melodious city
Interlingua Amsterdam es un urbe melodiose
Dutch Amsterdam is een melodieuze stad
English Rast is right?
Interlingua Rast es recte?
Dutch Rast is recht?
Dutch Erfelijk presidentschap
Dutch Ja dat mag
Dutch Wezenlijk punt weggelaten
English Is Fitna a good title for Wilders’s film?
Dutch Is Fitna wel een goede titel voor Wilders’ film?
French Le maire de ma ville
Dutch Eerste botsing
Dutch Hassnae versus Hasna
Dutch Liever afblijven
English RSS feeds for site
English Right-to-left mark
Various languages Unicode search in Google
English Unicode search in Google
Dutch Zoeken met Unicode-zoekwoorden in Google
Dutch PA als ondersteuning
English Al-Cercthe