One such smile a day


Youtube is a goldmine for anyone who loves music. In the olden days we had to listen to a few songs a time in a record shop, hoping to find the occasional masterpiece. You can now do this on the computer in your home, limitless. Once you started, you just follow suggestions.

I discovered Youtube as a musical tool on 17 March 2007. Since then I undertook many musical voyages of discovery and rediscovery. Many of those virtual journeys took me to Brazil.

Roberta Sá

On 5 December 2009 I encountered these two songs sung by Roberta Sá: Mais Alguém (‘Somebody else’) and Cicatrizes (‘Scars’).

Today, by coincidence I found another piece of music sung by her, together with one of my musical heroes, Chico Buarque de Holanda: Mambembe. The song was written by Moreno Veloso and Quito Ribeiro.

The video is from a DVD called “Pra se Ter Alegria” (‘For having fun’). On Youtube there is this video that contains the same song and two more:

(I don’t know if these Youtube uploads are legal, but if they might ever be removed for copyright reasons, hopefully the original DVD will still be for sale somewhere.)

Here’s a Youtube mix of Roberta Sá’s music.


OK, that’s about the music. What I really wanted to write about is this: life is short and it can be harsh sometimes. Seemingly small things can cheer us up and make life beautiful. This is an example: those smiles by Roberta Sá in the video Mambembe.

Even is she had an ugly face, which clearly she hasn’t, one such smile could turn a grey day into a celebration. So let’s not forget to smile to each other, as often as we can.