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The last few years, fado is quickly gaining popularity in parts of Europa, especially France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The late Amália Rodrigues had a posthumous come-back, but also many new names are heard: Cristina Branco, Dulce Pontes, Mafalda Arnauth, Mísia, Mariza, Mónica Triga. They are all very good, but I think one singer gets less attention than he deserves: Camané.

The name clearly seems to be a stage name. Meanwhile, after receiving some hints, I know what it means: it’s short for ‘Carlos Manuel’. Also confirmed in this long article.
Note that the accent on the é means it sounds as the a in English bad, rather than bed. Dutch bek rather than beek. This may seem unlikely when comparing French, but it is true, believe me

Camané’s most recent CD, Pelo Dia Dentro (2001), I haven’t heard yet. Esta Coisa da Alma (2000) I have heard, but not enough to have a clear opinion about it. Track 8 is notably different from all the others. It was written by Amélia Muge, who also wrote many of the songs sung by Mafalda Arnauth.
My favourites for now are his first CD, Uma Noite de Fados (1995, live recordings), and Na Linha da Vida (1998).

For "Uma Noite de Fados", my magic key of recommendation is: 1-2-3-4-5-7-..., well, in fact I like them all. But with Na Linha da Vida, I have clearer preferences: 6-8-10, then also 2-11-9. “Eu não me entende”, “Sopram ventos adversos”, and “Guitarra, Guitarra” I find extremely beautiful songs (voice, lyrics, composition and playing), rivalling any of the most beautiful music made over the last 200 years of popular and classical music, and in the case of “Eu não me entende” also approaching the extreme beauty of Hajnali.

It is interesting that Custódio Castelo, who is now of course so successful as guitarist and composer (and husband) with Cristina Branco, played the Portuguese guitar on this 1998 Camané CD. See also Mariza, on whose CD he also plays the guitarra, the Portuguese guitar which isn’t a guitar, because the Portuguese call that a viola, which is not a violin and not a viola (alto-violin).

A name worth mentioning is that of José Mário Branco, who does a lot of important work composing, arranging and producing, on all of Camané’s CDs.