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(lang=en) 6 de Junho de 2004:
Much longer list of Portuguese words that display ô/ó alternation.

(lang=nl) 5 juni 2004:
Europa Transparant!

(lang=en) 5 May 2004:
Hungarian sound links.

(lang=en) 2 April 2004:
Corrected a stupid mistake in the tuning fork page: there was a 'you' where obviously 'who' was needed. Does the fact that nobody ever told me about this mistake mean nobody reads what I write on my site?

(lang=nl) 24 maart 2004:
Portugese gedichten voor Nederlandstaligen verklaard.

(lang=en) 20/21 de Março de 2004:
Monophthong, diphthong, triphthong, tetraphthong, hexaphthong, heptaphthong!
Portuguese tongue acrobatics (of the platonic kind, of course).

(lang=en) 19 de Março de 2004:
More essinesses

(lang=en) 18 de Março de 2004:
Portugal-Geórgia : 11-8

(lang=en) 16 maart 2004:

(lang=en) 11 de Março de 2004:

(lang=pt) 7 de Março de 2004:
Uma queda queda.

(lang=nl) 3 maart 2004:
Een nieuwe voor de verzameling.

(lang=en) 12 February 2004:
Corrections and addition to pages about Ana Cristina

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