Fixed broken links

Activities 5–7 February, text

Internal links

These past few days I corrected lots and lots of broken links. The info came from 404-responses to Googlebot in my Apache access_log file, and, much more comfortably and soon after, from Google’s webmasters’ tools.

The corrected broken links were internal links, i.e. links from locations in this website to other locations in this website.

Outbound external links

More than 9 years ago, on 5 October 2002, I fixed both internal and external links, using Xenu’s Link Sleuth. There are probably a lot of broken external links now again too, but I don’t know if and when I am going to fix them.

Inbound external links

The crawling info from Google’s webmasters’ tools also contained broken links from other sites, to pages on my site that have since moved. And some pages now follow a different naming scheme, like ‘20yymmdd.htm’ becoming ‘2yymmddx.htm’. Of course I avoided such changes as much as possible, but they did happen.

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