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Langenscheidt Euro-Wörterbuch Portugiesisch, Portugiesisch – Deutsch / Deutsch – Portugiesisch

New Edition (Neubearbeitung) 2009, by Ana Ma Cortes Kollert, Dr. Charlotte Frei and Ekkehard Dengler.

This dictionary states the pronunciation of all Portuguese entries, including irregular plurals and conjugations.

Langenscheidt Taschenwörterbuch Portugiesisch, Portugiesisch – Deutsch / Deutsch – Portugiesisch, from 2011, by Ana Ma Cortes Kollert, Kátia de Souza-Kirstein, Dr. Charlotte Frei, Ekkehard Dengler, Kristina Würz, Kaiser de Oliveira Barbosa.

This dictionary too states the pronunciation of all Portuguese entries.

From France

Dicionário dos Portugueses de França, by Miguel Padeiro and Eduardo Pereira. The authors call this kind of Portuguese with French words mixed in “Frantuguês”.

A compilation of seemingly Portuguese words, that are in fact loanwords from French, coined by Portuguese immigrants living in France.

The dictionary itself can be downloaded from the site as a PDF document.

From Belgium and the Netherlands


Verb conjugations, of many languages including Portuguese.

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(Off-topic for this page, for about English, German and Dutch, but interesting anyway):

A hypertext dictionary based on Webster's 1913. Made accessible by Chris Knight.
See also the more modern, but not autohyperlinking Merriam-Webster.

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Duden - Brockhaus