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Tony Randall played Felix Unger in the TV series (which I never watched), but in the movie it was Jack Lemmon.

In a previous incarnation of this article, I had the two mixed up. Now corrected.


Remote past

Modern humans live in a world that is vastly different from that of their congeners myriads of years ago, when they were all still hunter-gatherers. But they themselves have not changed much. So, in order to understand how modern people think, feel, and especially how they behave, I believe we must look at the struggle for life, the efforts for survival, of those people in the past, in the circumstances they were in then.

A road to peace

The exact motive for not showing up in a polling station doesn’t really matter. In all cases, I think politicians may decide on behalf of those who don’t vote. For them and without them. This is because in fact, those who do not vote, give the politicians carte blanche!

A more effective democracy

Pizzas are free and so is running a shop. Promises, promises.

Much clearer now!

Lezíria is one of those many Iberic words of Arabic origin. It means tract of marshy land alongside a river (source: Michaelis pt-en), but also (Porto Editora) ínsula no meio de um rio, formada de lodos e detritos.

Garça, gaibéu, Al-Jaziira, Algeria

With money as a unit of account, you can express everything that has an economic value as an amount of money.

And then all of a sudden, banks do have money: coins and banknotes that they have in the safe have value and are therefore money, in that sense.

Different definition, same system


So the conclusion is, that the practice of charging interest for loans, does not suck all the money away from the people and into greedy banks. Interest doesn’t cause a scarcity of money and doesn’t result in deflation.

Interest, with reasonably low interest rates, is not a problem for the economy as a whole, although of course, unfortunately, it can be in individual cases.

Creating interest

The probability of meeting people belonging to another group was low, because the population was scattered. If an encounter took place, the necessity of mutual support, such as existed within the group, was absent. The others were rivals rather than friends. Hiding, or defensive or hostile attitudes were the best way to stay safe.

A road to peace

And because Re: really means nothing in French, everything but the first message in a discussion thread is in fact null and void.

Why any next message in a thread is really nothing

This diagram shows the relative tongue positions for the nine non-nasalised vowels (left) and the five nasalised vowels (right). Below is the same diagram in X-SAMPA transcription, to show how the ASCII symbols used throughout the document correspond to the real phonetic transcription symbols.

Vowel diagram
Vowel diagram

The pronunciation of the Portuguese of Portugal

To find out if any money creation has already taken place, we need to look at the money supply. That is the total amount of money in this small economy, which consists of just one village.

Money out of thin air?

When preparing to write my article Geen handdruk: neerbuigend? (provisional English title, if ever translated: ‘No handshake: condescending?’) I decided I wanted it stored in a religion folder and referred to from a religion menu of my website.

However, one of the points I made in the article is that some Muslims not wanting to shake a woman’s hand, is not so much a matter of religion, but rather of sexual morals. For that reason, I also refer to the article from the menu Politiek en samenleving, (‘Politics and society’) which is about (mainly Dutch) politics, legal matters, and how people live together in society.

History of the religion menu

Money creation, as a result of a bank granting credit to someone in the public, logically follows from two elements:

  1. The monetary definition of money: total money supply consists of coins in the possession of the public, banknotes in the hands and pockets of the public, and credit balances in (on demand and short term savings) bank accounts held by the public.

  2. The rules of accounting, as outlined (probably based on already existing best practices) by Luca Pacioli in 1494, now 519 years ago.

Give up commensurable consideration

In fact, such a system of payment is very similar to what is already commonplace between companies: sending each other invoices, paying later, meanwhile granting each other trade credit. Debtors vs. creditors, accounts receivable and accounts payable. I described that in an earlier article.

In the existing economic system, such trade credit is only of a temporary nature. It is ended after a relatively short period by the actual payment. Also, trade credit is not passed on from one creditor to the next to form long chains of promises. It seems to me that that is what is going to happen if something like a CMF were implemented.

Promissory obligations to each other (c)

I think human feelings and behaviour are hardly rational, but largely instinctive, determined by genetic factors. The evolution of the species happens slowly. We are essentially the same humans as those who lived tens of thousands of years back.

A road to peace

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